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Our Hydraulic Repair Services


Although we specialize in excavator components, the Pump, Motor and Valve department has the in-house capability of repairing and testing all brands of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and winches.


In the hydraulic repair industry, main control valves are one of the most difficult components to remanufacture. Our valve department has the technical expertise and necessary equipment to remanufacture main control valves at a substantial cost savings compared to a new one.


Our hydraulic cylinder specialists have more than 20 years of combined experience in repairing and remanufacturing cylinders. The management team and crew are dedicated to giving our customers the best service available. We can repair your obsolete cylinders or design and build you a custom cylinder.


We specialise in the design, manufacture & repairing of hydraulic power packs. We have built custom power units to fill many requirements across industries such as the agricultural, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical industries.

Why They Choosed Us ?

Pawar Hydraulics Company specialise in installing, repairing, maintaining, servicing and modifying hydraulic components and systems.

With Pawar Hydraulics Company you can rest easy because...

  • We have the experience and skills to diagnose and repair any problem.
    We have developed an uncanny sixth sense for diagnosis of those really tricky hydraulic faults, perhaps ones that you have struggled with for years. If you really have a challenge, we are ready to accept it.

  • We guarantee all our work.
    In the very unlikely event of something going wrong with either a new system we have installed, or a repair we have undertaken, we will fix it at our own cost. Naturally we will fairly assess the situation and cause of the problem.

  • We have strong working relationships and contacts throughout the industry, in India.
    This means that we can make things happen when they need to.

  • We understand the need for super cleanliness, quality and attention to detail.
    We take ultimate care and apply all the principles we have learned, on our many super heavy projects, to your job. You will be impressed, even when you expect nothing less.